About Us

The Ginger Bread Man Bakery was set up by Gareth Roberts     (aka:The Ginger Bread Man) Born, Bread and Raised in Walton-on-Thames.

The bakery started from very modest beginnings as a market stall, selling speciality breads and pastries on Sunday mornings at a car boot sale. At this early stage everything was baked and sold by Gareth (this made for very long days) It wasn't long before he was asked to have a stall at other events, food fairs, fates and local markets.

At the time Gareth was working for Lees bakery, where he had started as an apprentice bread baker 22 years before and under the tutelage and guidance of William Hefferman developed a passion for baking. He worked his way up to Sales Development and Production Manager. Naturally the next step was running his own bakery.

When the opportunity arose to bake bread from the back of an old Lees Bakery shop in the Halfway. Walton -on-Thames Gareth jumped at the chance in 2012. For the next three years he built up a strong wholesale customer base, including local shops, Cafes. Sandwich bars and canteens. At Christmas 2015 he took over the shop at the Halfway and so now locals could buy Gareth's bread straight from source. Opening at 7am you can grab a loaf, sandwich and hot pastries and pies. More recently the bakery opened a cake department so now we are able  provide everything for your special occasions.

" If you buy your bread in the supermarkets, chances are it's full of additives and preservatives. Some manufacturers use up to 37 chemicals in a process more complicated than it needs to be. Our process is simple and much better for you. We take time to make the best bread we can, simple as that" GR